Who We Are

The Beehive Cafe was started with community in mind.  As a former beekeeper,  owner Monica Ullom learned that honeybees work together for the health and  well-being of their community - the beehive - as well as for the benefit of the surrounding environment.  It is from these lessons that The Beehive Cafe was  designed.  

Our goal for The Beehive Cafe is to be more than just a restaurant - we want  to impact those around us in a bigger way.  The Beehive Lifestyle Center is now open across the street where we hold classes for our community and teach about healthful living - plant-based eating and cooking, building a healthy immune system, hydrotherapy and other natural remedies, etc.  We also hold meetings for addiction recovery and will expand to other support groups as we learn the needs of the community.   

 You can be a part of this effort!  We maintain a Blessing Box outside the cafe where anyone can take items they need or add something as they are able.   Additionally, all collected tips will be turned right back into feeding our community.  Alternatively, you can choose to purchase a “Pay it Forward” item for the wall where anyone in need may select something and bring it to the register as payment - no questions asked and no judgment

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